Normandy Guide for Shoppers: Shopping Where Locals Shop

Local Shopping at it’s Best

A Normandy guide is a good place to find out much of the region and what to look for. Travel in France is an experience of a life time to people who have never experienced such an interesting variety of interesting places to see, it is rich in history, culture and places of interest.

The ambiance and as you travel along gives one a feeling of stepping back in time in some places, almost as if time has stood still. With cobbled stone villages, Normandy still has much of the “olde worldy; feel about it. Many of the building are half timbered giving a feeling of walking in history.

The modern world has not intruded to the extent that the surrounding country side has been replaced by modern technology to the exclusion of the little man. When traveling through different towns that surround Normandy and around one find many cottage industries that continue as the have done through out the ages.

Normandy is famed for its Calvados an apple brandy; why not get a taste by visiting some of the wine cellars. Traveling to Deauville you have to stop and visit one of the Calvados/cider tasting places, there are quite a few that are marked along the route. Wine is made from Apples not grapes, and even pears are used. Cider made in this region contains one third of the alcohol content of wine, it’s beautifully fizzy and is the perfect accompaniment to moules-frites (fries with mussels and local specialty).

Normandy Guide for Shoppers: Shopping Where Locals Shop

Normandy Guide for Shoppers: Shopping Where Locals Shop

If cheese is your interest, you’ve come to the right place. A shop called Oliver’s in Dieppe boasts a Variety of cheeses although the shop is tiny they have on offer 130 different varieties of cheeses, definitely you will find some that will tempt your palette. Well known is Camembert, some other interesting Norman cheeses with some beautiful sounding names are Petit Suisse, Pont l’Évêque, Neufchatel, Livarot, and Boursin.

Neufchatel Cheese has been made in the region of the same name for more than 1000 years, the cheese is available at most supermarkets in a heart shape, but getting it directly from the farmers is a whole lot more fun, the cheese itself is soft and incredibly creamy, with a white rind shaped into a heart.

Using a Normandy guide, you will find so much, from old towns, incredible sandy beaches, and the famed Mont-Saint-Michel.
Self catering rentals and Normandy vacation rental go hand in hand, Most of the towns and the villages have daily markets to visit, these markets offer such a large variety of fresh produce, from cheeses, patisserie, fruit that has been hand picked, vegetables that taste out of this world, the variety local meats are mouth watering, If you wish to savor the feel of Normandy then the markets are an excellent place to start, practice your rusty French, Apart from the famous cheeses and cider, incredible tasting home made jams, and a type of shortbread called Stables d’Asnelles are taste sensations not to be missed.

Your Normandy guide will help you walk in history, savoir many interesting foods and relax in the ambiance of countryside, farms villages and beautiful landscapes that are easy on the eye.

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