Hiking and Backpacking It’s Essential to Have the Right Equipment

If you plan to do some backpacking or hiking its essential you plan ahead, backpacking requires more meticulous planning then for a camping trip where you have a vehicle to stow your needs.  When backpacking, you will be required to pack everything on your back in a backpack.  One rule of thumb is to not exceed one third of a person’s body weight.
To do a hiking tour you need to be fit and healthy, so some sensible exercising prior to your planed hike is essential. A healthy diet and a fitness routine will help a lot to prepare for the rigors of a daily hike.
Two essentials before you add anything else are comfortable walking boots/shoes and a comfortable backpack. Added to this and first priority of requirement is a good water bottle. The rest of the items you need to carry should be as light weight as possible so check out and test the weight of items bought for your trip.  You don’t want to have to leave anything that is essential due to weight restrictions.

How you pack your backpack is essential to ensure your hike is a comfortable as possible, two things to consider are weight distribution and be able to reach items you need most often easily.
The choice of backpack is also a personal preference and it’s a good idea to take advice from experienced backpackers, not just the stores representative’s recommendations. It needs to be balanced, comfortable on the shoulders and suited to the type of hike you intend doing. Length of hike and requirements needed for the length of time you will be away.  A Short on day hike it won’t be necessary to take a lot of stuff but a 5 day hike you requirements are much different. Your backpack must be suited to the type of hiking trip you intend to take.

Hiking and Backpacking Its Essential to Have the Right Equipment

Hiking and Backpacking Its Essential to Have the Right Equipment

An incorrectly packed backpack can cause undue stress and possible injury to your body you might think that placing the heaviest items at the bottom is the best idea, but that not a good idea, you need to centre the weight over the hip area, to do that you should place the heavier items next to your back and approximately above 1/3 of the pack. Many backpacks have a separate compartment at the bottom of the bag to accommodate your sleeping back and possibly a pillow.

Men and women have different need in regards to weight distribution and backpacks are designed with this aspect in mind. So your choice of backpack is crucial to your well being on your hiking trip.

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