I would like this site to be a place where people can be informed about the latest travel happenings, tips and reviews of destinations and places to stay, ideas for making your vacations memorable and much more.
Obviously I can’t do it all myself and will need feedback on events before they happen so I can post them on the blog.   Feel free to contact me at cyntay123@gmail.com I’d love to hear from you.

I would also like to invite anyone who would like to share their holiday stories, or just write about their own websites, and we will be happy to have mutual link backs to each other’s sites.

Travelling can be rewarding or a nightmare, however there ways to avoid total disaster in a trip to what ever destination you choose to go to.
I aim to put on the site ideas that will help a traveller, plan their trip, execute it and most important of all enjoy the trip.

I welcome comments on the blog as long as they have relevance to travelling. I do not welcome a string of URL’s that are totally irrelevant to this site, job offers for traffic generation nor do I want PORN sites posted, be warned it will be trashed! So don’t waste your time or mine. To the people who are genuinely interested in my blog I apologise that it is necessary to mention this here but I receive way too many unsavory comments. All comments are strictly moderated.

Looking forward to hearing from you